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Henik Lake Adventures Customer Testimonials

A hunt with Henik Lake Adventures is an unforgettable adventure!

Scroll down and see what our satisfied clients are saying about the adventures they've experienced with us.

Hi Ryan

The barren ground caribou hunt was the sixth guided hunt that I have been on and it was by far the most enjoyable. The guides at the camp (mine was Jason) were very helpful and knew their job well. Jason was always close by to make sure that he was doing what the hunters expected of him. The food was fantastic! Jodi prepared some of the best meals I have ever eaten.  Besides being a fantastic cook, she is very accomplished cribbage player. I requested that she make a meal of fresh liver and onions. She didn't disappoint and it too was delicious. Troy was always doing his job as the camp manager to make sure everything was perfect. The tents were warm and comfortable. 

The flights in and out of camp were on time with all equipment arriving in good shape. The hotel rooms were clean, quiet and comfortable. The meat was well taken care of, frozen at camp in freezers and arrived at home with no spoilage. The capes and horns were taken care of the way we wanted them to be and my taxidermist said that everything was done correctly. 
I have been on guided hunts in New Zealand, Alaska, Namibia and South Africa but this was the most memorable.
Thank you,
Merle Meszaros
Thornton, CO


Rick Ferrara
Hi Dennis,

Just a quick note to let you know I was successful on my Canadian Barren Ground Caribou hunt taking a good bull on September 14 th. It was a more difficult hunt than I anticipated as we missed the migration and good bulls were less than plentiful. If you remember I purchased this hunt that was donated by Ryan St John of Henik Lake Adventures at the auction in Vegas two years ago. Ryan did a great job in moving eight hunters and guides to a second camp by float plane in the middle of the hunt. The second camp had been taking good animals on a regular basis. Ryan spares no expense and effort to ensure his hunters are successful. All in all the second camp had all 12 hunters filling their tags.  I was quite surprised to learn that I had fellow members Joe Siska, Don Thompson and Dennis Kallash all in my camp. When we arrived at the second camp I ended up bunking with Glen Smith and Marc Hansen. What are the chances of six of us traveling to the Arctic from the same club ??  This is a testament to the tremendous advancement the club has made in recruiting new members all working toward their Super Slam of the North American 29 big game animals. If I am correct this bull was my 23rd species. I have two more hunts scheduled this year and if successful will make it to 25 by year end.
Rick Ferrara

Kent Turner
Irving, Texas
I am a disabled hunter as a result of a hunting accident 25 years ago. This hunt was a celebration for me having lived another 25 years after that accident, and still being able to hunt. I am able to walk, but am limited to walking only about a mile at one time. Ryan St. John, who owns Henik Lake Outfitters, was my guide on this adventure. He was awesome to hunt with, took very good care of me, and put me on Caribou. I tagged out in two days. His ability to see caribou was astounding and was great in getting me in the right place and position to be able to take a shot, and of course I didn’t miss! If you are considering a Caribou hunt in Canada look no further that Henik Lake Adventures. Period!

John Brooks
Flagstaff, Arizona
Dear Ryan: Just a word of gratitude to you and your crew for the awesome experience I had with Henik Lake Adventures. Your operation in the Canadian Arctic is second to none. Your professionalism and attention to detail made for an experience I will always be grateful for. Thanks for making one of my hunting dreams come true. Best regards, John Brooks, Flagstaff, Arizona

Brendon Wood
Lubbock, Texas
This is a first class operation from top to bottom. Weather was a beating, but that is hunting. Henik Lake Adventures went out of their way to meet every need we had. I look forward to going back and hopefully get better weather and maybe a larger migration. Ryan St John and his staff are outstanding.

Leslie & John Burrell
St. Augustine, FL
My husband and I did this hunt together. We both were completely satisfied with the hunt, our accommodations,our guide Peter and the Outfitter Ryan. Everything was beyond our expectations.We would highly recommend this hunt to anyone.

Jonathan S. Warke
Kutztown Pennsylvania

After hunting most of North America for the last 36 years, I can honestly say, as an Outfitter and Guide Service, Henik Lake Adventures, is as good as they get! Ryan St. John’s organizational skills and attention to detail certainly aids the hunter in all aspects of the hunting experience. The specifics of pre-hunt information like prospective travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, permit and expediting services, to the in-hunt specifics of animal behavior and quality, have all added up to be invaluable to me as a client. The combination of quality Arctic accommodations, first class equipment, tremendous food services, knowledgeable guiding, up beat positive attitudes and enlightening cultural information has helped me have one of the best hunting experiences of my life! Rest assured Henik Lake Adventures has not seen the last of this Pennsylvania hunter!"

Brett Mattson
Roseau, Minnesota
"The guides were great. They would do anything for you to get your game. They made us all feel right at home. It was very nice. This was my nephew's first big game hunt and he had a blast. I think this is a perfect father/son hunt, especially since you only have to be 16 years old to hunt in Nunavut. The people, culture, food, everything was top notch. I think I even gained weight on the trip. Man she could cook!!! I can't wait until '07. Now that you are starting muskox hunts, I couldn't think of anyone else I would rather go with."


Dean Mattson
Roseau, Minnesota
"I had previously hunted in Alaska, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland. Hunting up in Nunavut with Henik lake Adventures has been the best hunt to date. We hunted during long hard days with guides that were very courteous and professional. I am booked to return with Henik Lake Adventures because they combine everything together; great hunting, great guides, beautiful scenery, fascinating culture and people with a strong work ethic who will do what it takes to get the job done - what more could anybody want?"

Erik Mattson
Roseau, Minnesota
"I am 16 years old and this was my first big game hunt outside of Minnesota and I could not have been happier with it. I got to see a variety of wildlife including a wolverine, wolves, muskox, fox, ptarmigan, and caribou. The fishing there was awesome and we had excellent food. The guides we were with treated me great and taught me all about the Inuit culture. I am looking forward to returning next year."


John Warack
Reese, Michigan
"Henik Lake Adventures provided me with a great first time caribou hunting experience. The weather was a major factor, but with Ryan's great team, it was a successful trip. I shot a double and a single, scoring 348 and 369. The caribou weren't migrating, so Ryan flew us to an outpost camp.

Let me tell you if you want a first class deal and hunt, go with Ryan; great equipment, cold beer and a professional cook. The grub was outstanding. I couldn't wait to see what was packed for lunch every day. I am returning in March to hunt muskox, then back in September to see if we can catch the migration."

Mark Desrosier
Roseau, Minnesota
"Hunting with Henik Lake Adventures in 2006 was my first Arctic adventure, and what an adventure it was! I was fortunate to shoot a nice Caribou, but the highlight was bringing back a Canadian wolverine from Nunavut. What a hunt that was! The fishing was so good that three trout would chase your lure at the same time. Caribou hunting in 2006 was very tough but Ryan and his staff worked hard to make it a very memorable hunt."