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Trophy Central Barren Ground Caribou Hunting

To adjust for the changing migratory patterns that we’ve witnessed the last couple of seasons, and to improve the overall experience on our Caribou adventures, we’ve made some modifications to the structure of our caribou hunts.

For our 2017 season we will be using a combination of established and mobile camps to give hunters every opportunity to harvest their caribou. We will be scouting the region prior to and throughout the season in order to determine which camp will provide the most access to the herd.

Our permanent camps are comfortable with diesel or propane heat, running water, showers, home cooked meals, satellite phones and knowledgeable Inuit guides that know the animals and the land.

Read all the details here, on our partner website.

Dates and Rates
  • August 27 - September 2
  • September 2-8
  • September 8-14
  • September 14-20
  • September 20-26
Hunts are limited to no more than 40 hunters per season.


2017 Rates

Price: $9,995.00 plus licenses and taxes. Up to two caribou tags per hunter.

What’s Included
  • 5 full days of hunting, in on Day 1, out on Day 7
  • 2 x 1 guided, professional Inuit guides
  • Hunting in Nunavut and/or Manitoba
  • Mobile camps for when the caribou cooperate
    • We will move camp to stay close to caribou
  • Up to 2 bull limit
  • Charter fees from Thompson to camp
  • Field prep of trophy
  • Transport of trophy from camp to Thompson
    • 2 capes, 1 split rack and 1 unsplit rack 

Special Note: Due to our new arrangements on this hunt, hunters will be extremely limited as to how much meat they can take home. Only backstraps and tenderloins may be taken by the hunter. The remainder of the meat will be sent to Northern communities in need.

Not Included
  • Items as listed above
  • Travel from your home to Thompson
  • Meals and accommodations prior to and after your hunt
  • Shipping of trophies from Thompson
  • Taxidermy

Once an animal is wounded, every effort will be made to recover that animal. Regardless of the outcome, the tag will be considered filled for that animal.

Payment Terms
  • Deposits of $3,000 per hunter are required. Booking will not be considered complete until the deposit is received. Deposits may be made by check, credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or wire transfer.
  • Final payment is due 90 days prior to departure and can be paid by check, wire transfer or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) with a 3% fee.
  • Full payment must accompany any reservation made less than 90 days prior to departure.

Once final payment has been received, you will receive an information package regarding your trip details.

Send Deposits To:

Webber’s Lodges
PO Box 10
Ile des Chenes, MB R0A 0T0


As of January 1, 2012, ALL hunters are required to have a valid Hunter Education Certificate in their possession when hunting in Manitoba. Photographic or electronic images are NOT considered acceptable.
  • An orange hat and vest are mandatory for all big game hunters if hunting in Manitoba.
  • Hunting licenses will be provided for you at your arrival to camp.
  • A copy of the Manitoba or Nunavut Hunting Regulations will be supplied to you with your license. Please review carefully.
An electronic copy of the Manitoba Hunting Guide is available here.

An electronic copy of the Nunavut Hunting Guide is available here.

Big Game Licenses
  • Caribou Hunters are allowed up to two bull tags.
  • Wolf hunters may hunt wolf in Manitoba if they have an unused tag. If a wolf is taken, the tag does NOT have to be notched, just supply the appropriate information on the Outfitter Declaration form.
  • Wolf or wolverine hunters may hunt them in Nunavut provided they purchase the applicable tags.


Guests will be allowed a TOTAL luggage allowance of 50 pounds which may include:
  • Up to 2 duffel bags (24” x 12” x 12” each)
  • 1 day pack
  • 1 gun or bow case, only soft cases will be allowed on the charter flight into camp
Gun/Bow Cases

Commercial airlines require hard sided cases. We will have a secure location for storing these cases during your trip. Please refrain from bringing hard suitcases. Space is at a premium on charter flights into camp and soft duffels take up less space and are easier to compress. You must wear your full hunting gear for the charter flights to and from camp. We do have secure storage facilities to store any excess luggage, clothing and your hard bow or gun cases.

CLICK HERE for full list of recommended items and supplies for caribou hunting camp.


Note: Archery and firearm targets will be set up at camp.


Most shots will be under 200 yards, but shots of 300-400 yards may occur. We suggest flat shooting cartridges of .270 and up, with .300 calibres preferred. Bullets should be well constructed and no less than 130 grains. We recommend 2 boxes (40 rounds) of shells.

Muzzle Loader

We welcome black powder hunters. For those flying, it may be difficult to get black powder or primers on commercial airlines. Please give us 60 days in order to pre-purchase these items for you. We recommend a minimum .50 calibre muzzle loader for caribou hunting.


If you are thinking of bringing a bow, please do. A close-range encounter is definitely possible. We recommend you practice and feel comfortable at up to 50 yards. We also suggest bringing 8 arrows with broadheads for your trip.


Entering Canada
  • A passport is required for those flying into Canada.
  • For US citizens driving into Canada, a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or naturalization, along with photo identification will suffice.
  • Please visit the Travel Canada website for more information on entering Canada.
  • Upon booking, you will be supplied with the necessary forms for bringing your firearm into Canada.
  • All major airlines connect to Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.
  • Our hunting packages depart from Thompson, Manitoba.
  • Guests have two options for travel from Winnipeg to Thompson:
    • Fly with Calm Air (our office can arrange this travel for you)
    • Drive to Thompson (approximately 8 hours North of Winnipeg)
Details -- Hunting Packages

Day BEFORE your adventure
  • You need to arrive in Thompson one day prior to departure.
  • We recommend Days Inn & Suites and can make these arrangements for you.
  • Upon arrival in Thompson, you will be met by a Webber’s Lodges expeditor and brought to your hotel for the evening.
The day your adventure BEGINS
  • Our expeditor will pick you up at your hotel for your departure into camp.
The LAST day of your adventure:
  • You will return to Thompson on the final day of your trip. You will be met by our expeditor and assisted with making your connection home.
Webber’s Lodges, which makes every effort to serve guests, assumes no responsibility or liability for any political, meteorological, climatic, or other event or for the services of transportation companies, contractors, or other principals for which Webber’s Lodges acts as an agent. Webber’s Lodges assumes no responsibility for travel delays due to weather, strikes, or transportation companies for which Webber’s Lodges acts as an agent.