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Barren Ground Grizzly

Join us for a top-notch hunt on the Canadian tundra!
A Barren Ground Grizzly hunt in northern Canada is something few get to experience! Nunavut’s population is thriving and we’re excited to offer you the opportunity to hunt these magnificent animals on the vast tundra that they call home.
The growth of the grizzly population has enabled us to offer an incredibly unique opportunity to a select few hunters. The Barren Ground Grizzly, well-known for its aggressive behavior, fears nothing and no one. These bears surely are the kings of their tundra domain!
These Arctic giants are also very nomadic and a spring hunt allows us to use snow machines to cover vast areas of the bears’ range. Hunters will have the choice of driving their own snow machines, or riding in comfortable komatiks (large wooden sleds) towed by guides. 
Barren Ground Grizzly bears are similar in size to their mountain cousins found in the Yukon and interior Alaska. Average bears will be in the 6-6 ½- foot range, with exceptional Bears reaching up to eight feet! The pelts of these great bears at this time of year will be incredible as well.
Ryan St. John, founder of Henik Lake Adventures, has been hunting these bears for the past 10 years and has a success rate of 90%!

$13,500 USD (plus GST) for a 1:1 hunt

April 30-May 9 (8 full days of hunting) - 2 hunts available 


1. There will be an opportunity to add a Barren Ground Musk Ox to this hunt for a trophy fee of $4,000 plus GST.
2. There will be an opportunity to add an Arctic Wolf to this hunt for a trophy fee of $1,000 plus GST.

Hunt includes:
  • Lodging during the hunt, at the lodge or in a tent camp as necessary
  • All meals during the hunt
  • 1:1 guide service
  • Trophy Fee for Barren Ground Grizzly
  • HTO Fees
  • Hide prep – skinning and salting
Hunt does not include:
  • Travel to and from Baker Lake, NU ($1,730, taxes incl.)
  • Meals/accommodations in Winnipeg or Southern stopover
  • Hunting Licenses/Tags (add 5% GST)
                 o    Hunting License - $60
                 o    Barren Ground Grizzly Tag - $1150
                 o    Barren Ground Musk Ox Tag - $550
                 o    Arctic Wolf Tag - $170
  • Export Permits
                o     Barren Ground Grizzly and Arctic Wolf will require CITES permits
  • Trophy fees for muskox and Arctic wolf as noted above
  • Gratuities
  • Accommodations and meals in Baker Lake or other stop over before or after the hunt
  • Overweight baggage fees
  • Expenses incurred due to delays caused by weather, mechanical issues, or other factors beyond our control
  • Snow machine rental for personal use (OPTIONAL)
               o    $150/day plus GST
               o    Gas/Oil



For guests travelling from the U.S.

If you are a U.S. citizen, ensure you carry proof of citizenship such as a passport, birth certificate, a certificate of citizenship or naturalization, a U.S. Permanent Resident Card, or a Certificate of Indian Status along with photo identification.
For international guests

The Government of Canada requires that all travellers carry a valid passport because it is the only reliable and universally-accepted travel and identification document for the purpose of international travel.

All guests

You will need to arrive in Winnipeg the day before your hunt starts and overnight. The next morning you will fly up to Baker Lake. We recommend The Grand by Lakeview at the Winnipeg International Airport for your overnight stay in Winnipeg.



Hunters will fly into Baker Lake, Nunavut and stay in the beautiful Nunamiut Lodge during the hunt. Days will be spent covering large areas on snow machines looking for tracks or the bears themselves! Hunters should be prepared to spend an impromptu night on the tundra if a track is encountered late in the day. This will enable an early start the following morning.
For those looking to enhance their trip, there will be opportunities to add a Barren Ground Musk Ox as well as an Arctic Wolf to their hunt. Additional trophy fees will apply. 


We recommend Mr. Fish Taxidermy for handling of your trophies. They will take care of the permits, brokerage, etc. You can call them direct for pricing: Ask for Wes Wall at 1-204-755-3474

Mr. Fish Taxidermy
73 Myrtle Street
Hazelridge, MB R0E 0Y0
  • We can ship your trophies to Mr. Fish Taxidermy for fleshing, salting and shipping to a U.S. based Taxidermist. You will incur extra costs for this service as they apply for the USDA permits, etc. but this is the most convenient option and you are assured that your trophy is in good hands. We recommend this option but please call Wes Wall with Mr. Fish Taxidermy regarding delivery time and costs involved (Ph: 1-204-755-3474)
  • Mr. Fish Taxidermy can also do the taxidermy work and ship to you direct when complete.
  • You can make the necessary arrangements with a Taxidermist of your choice in Winnipeg and we will ship direct to them.


  • A $4,000 per person deposit is due at the time of making your reservation. A reservation is not considered firm until the deposit is received by Webber’s Lodges. We accept payment by check or credit card for initial deposits
  • Final payment is due 90 days prior to your departure and can be paid by check, wire transfer or credit card (Visa/Master Card) with a 3% fee.
  • Full payment must accompany any reservation made less than 90 days prior to trip start date.

Once final payment has been received you will receive an information package regarding your trip details.

Send your deposit to:

Webber's Lodges
P.O. Box 10
Ile des Chenes, Manitoba, Canada
R0A 0T0

Cancellation Policy:

Deposits and payments are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE to subsequent years. If space and availability permits we would be happy to credit your deposit and payments towards another trip within the same year.
Lodge Purchases

All purchases made in camp are in U.S. funds or equivalent. All transactions must be traveler’s checks, cash, Visa or Master Card.

  • We strongly suggest the purchase of travel insurance.  In addition to helping with trip cancellation, insurance can protect against additional costs incurred due to travel delays or interruptions which is a reality of trips to remote locations such as our lodges.
  • There is a satellite phone for emergency use at our camps. A charge of $10 to connect and a $3/minute charge will be applied.

If you would like more information about our rates, please contact us at 1-888-WEBBERS or by e-mail: