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Fly-In Caribou Hunt

Barren Ground Muskox Hunt

Float Plane access to a vast area that is approximately 30,000 square miles. 

Our Central Barren Ground Caribou hunts take place at our Baralzon Lake camp.  This area has traditionally provided our hunters with excellent opportunities at trophy bulls.  Our Spring Barren Ground Muskox hunts are based out of the community of Baker Lake.  As we grow, we are establishing other camps that will offer similar ‘high opportunity’ hunting adventures.

The Southern Nunavut region is home to abundant wildlife including caribou, polar bear, muskox, wolf, wolverine, grizzly bear and numerous species of small game and birds.

The Baralzon Lake Caribou camp is a bow hunters paradise with small stands of spruce, rock outcrops that provide excellent cover for the avid bow hunter.  The Qaminirjuaq herd is one of the largest in the north, consisting of over 400,000 animals.

The Spring Barren Ground Muskox and Arctic Wolf hunts involve accessing prime areas with snow machines.  Hunters should be prepared to drive long distances to increase their chances at taking Muskox and Wolf.  The country is vast and the more area you can cover, the more opportunities will be presented to the hunter. These bulls are virtually un-hunted and are genetically the largest species of Muskox.

The Government of Nunavut charges tag and trophy fees for each animal.